Would You Like to Play a Game? A look into how I became a “gamer”…


I’ve always loved video games. I don’t think I became a full-time gamer until college though. Until then, I played here and there, but nothing like I do now. This is because in college, I could finally pay for my own games (well, with my parent’s money, of course). Before I get into that time period , lets take a trip back to about 1986 (give or take a year or so), when I got my first gaming console for Christmas. A Nintendo gaming system, which introduced me to a life-long friend, Mario.


I loved video games. It opened up a brand new world to me. I could play with my new friends Mario, Luigi, and Link (from Zelda) any time I wanted.  And, I played these games A LOT. But I wasn’t good. I didn’t know all the secrets or hidden levels, or the easiest way to beat the boss at the end.Truthfully, I rarely beat any of those games. 

It wasn’t until about 1989 when I saw a movie that changed how I viewed gaming for the rest of my life.  The Wizard , starring Fred Savage and Lucas Haas. It also starred a little something called the power glove.  It was glorious, and I wanted one. I didn’t care how much it cost. It looked cool and futuristic and I thought it would make me the best gamer in the world. Little did I know that it would be wildly unpopular and heavily criticized for its imprecise and difficult-to-use controls. Hindsight being what it is, I thank my wonderfully frugal and rational parents for not spending the money on that POS.

Image“Don’t lie. You know you wanted one too.”

Sooooo… fast-forward to 1997. Believe it or not, I did not own another video game console until I turned 18 or 19.  I think I was playing horrible computer games during that time. Games like Leisure Suit Larry, Doom and Prince of Persia.  OHHHH, and let’s not forget Where in Time is Carmen San Diego??? I played that jam like gangbusters.

Anyway,  It’s the summer after my freshman year in college and my parent’s decide that they are moving back to their hometown of Charlottesville, Va. This rocked my world. Wrecked me. My first summer home from college and I thought I would be running the streets of NoVA with my friends, but instead I am in a place where I knew no one and had nothing to do. So what did I do? I got a job at State Farm assisting with inventory control. I was making like $15/hr and had no idea what to spend it on. And, what did I do with my first paycheck? I got these……

ImageImageImage“College – text books? THIS is where real learnin’ comes from”

These two games became my life for, well, the foreseeable future. What did we do after the party on Friday nights in college???  Yep…Mario kart and Goldeneye marathons…with me, always the victor (though I sure some will remember it differently).  There was nothing better than getting some red shells and blasting into first place on Frappe Island. And don’t even get me started on a power turn that could last an entire round. Yes, I was glorious (It’s ok, you can be jealous).  Many tried, but few were able to take the Iron Throne.

After college, I held on to my N64 for a while. Until one of my roommates bought a Gamecube. Then I was like, N64 who? The Gamecube was a pretty good system. Disc based. No more cartridges. I liked that and we definitely played the hell out of it. Games like Madden, Eternal Darkness (that game was Creepy McCreeperton), and Super Monkey Ball. A game I lovde and thought was more addicting than (insert personal vice here). Believe you me (what does that even mean, anyway??)  that game was addicting like a mofo.  I mean, like a MOFO.  For serious.


During that time, Microsoft came out with the Xbox system. Waaaaay too expensive for me. So, I was like…I’m not buying that, damn the man…grrrrr!!  Then, I started working at Toys R Us.  Changed my tune completely. Why???  Three words… Employee discount babyyyy!!!!!  This allowed me to buy the original Xbox console and Halo at a SEVERELY discounted rate (and other games too). But Halo,… man. This game was the end-all, be-all, of video games.  The graphics, the coloring, the story, the characters, the villians, and the Master Chief.  Say no more, I was hooked. And once I was introduced to the multiplayer side of gaming, forgettaboutit (in my best Deniro voice).

Image“Meet Master Chief…my first man-crush. (Sorry John Mayer).”

Mulitplayer was awesome. It allowed me to play with people all over the world.  Talking and yelling at one another…mostly curse words, and some of the most unthinkable things you could ever imagine. And these were things coming from the mouths of babes. Like 7 year olds, just ripping people apart. It was hard not to join in. But that’s one of the things I love about multiplayer. The passion. It can literally make you insane.  If you don’t believe me… check this out Greatest Video Game Freak Out Ever – Kid Gets Video Game Taken Away. Watch what happens….

This is what gaming does to people. They love it. They need it. They’ll seemingly freak out over it. I haven’t hit that point yet (I hope), but take away my games, and we shall see what happens. LOL

I’m a Microsoft loyalist. I have yet to stray from Xbox consoles. I hate Playstation. HATE it. Xbox is just a superior product and Sony wishes they could compete.  I currently own an Xbox360.  I have about 10 games. The top 5 I am paying right now are Halo 4, Borderlands 2, Madden 13, Skyrim, and Bioshock 2, being on my 3rd and  4th playthrough on some of them.

I didn’t start out as a gamer. Might not even be able to label myself one now. I don’t fox with the Playstation and computer gaming is just way too expensive. And I have only had a few consoles in my lifetime. Bottom line? I love to game…. It’s part of who I am and something I want to pass on to my kid in the future. You never know, that love could give birth to the next Bill Gates.

My name is Ray, and I love video games.

Xbox Handle : Kid Kwiks – add me. I’ll play with you and beat the pants off you just the same. 


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Just a dude from NoVA..... Talkin comics, movies, tv, and whatever else.. Not an expert by any means....just talking about what I love.

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