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….and the Battle for the Cowl goes to??????


Yep! There you have it. Bennifer himself. The cowl has been officially given to Ben Affleck. I have to say, I am ok with this. Many years ago, no. But now, he has matured to the point that he has been involved in some of the best films in the past 5-7 years. The Town was awesomesauce, Argo was really effing good, and his new movie with Justin TImberlake, Runner-Runner, looks to be like a strong flick as well.

If you ask me, Affleck definitely has the acting chops pull this role off and between his physicality, charm, and smarts, he is an excellent choice to play Bruce Wayne. Maybe not THE perfect choice, but an excellent one, nonetheless. And you need someone just as pretty as to stand next to Cavill on the big screen.



SOOOOO now that the trigger has been pulled on who will be playing the Bats, let the speculation begin as to what story line they will draw from. Worlds Finest, The Dark Knight Returns…whichever direction Snyder and co. decides to go in, I am all-in. 100%!


The next time you see the Bat and the Boy in Blue on screen, it will be together. And it will be the ……….



#1 – Man of Steel : Trailer Friday!!! Movies I am Stoked for!

Not much I need to say about this, though Glorious comes to mind

Man of Steel – Starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, and Lawrence Fishburne

The “S” Stands for……. HOPE

Think you know what the S on Supermans chest stands for? Click here to find out!!!!!

Henry Cavill graces the cover of EW in all his Kryptonian splendor

I got this from the Geek Tyrant page on twitter….its a whole bunch of awesomesauce drizzled on your eye balls….click the link below (I’ll never say “after the jump”)

My immediate reaction? See for yourself…..


Man of Steel Trailer – Thank you, and goodnight.

This is from the Warner Bros page on youtube… I can’t frakking wait for this. Yes, it will be gritty. Maybe even darker than some want. But Supes was ALWAYS that beacon of light/hope in the darkness for people to find.

Henry Cavill IS Superman.

Everything I’ve read and seen about this makes me pee just a little. Yes, I said it, and I’m not embarrassed to admit it.
In fact, I may rent out an entire theater so I can watch comfortably with my pants around my ankles.
Well, maybe not.


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